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Transform Your Commercial Floors With Concrete Finishes And Coatings

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Unless your concrete flooring is inside a warehouse or industrial space that customers are unlikely to see, eliminating the gray, drab appearance is likely warranted. While laying down tile, marble, or wood atop it solves the issue, these types of flooring are vulnerable to foot traffic and require a good bit of maintenance.

Fortunately, your commercial floors that are bare concrete can be transformed into aesthetically pleasing, low-maintenance, resilient floors. These four options will impress visitors and ease staff's work concerning care and cleaning.

Marvelous Marbleized Concrete Floors

As one of the most beautiful flooring options, marble is expensive even for small-scale applications. However, ditch the hefty price tag and consider a unique marbleizing technique that concrete flooring experts can install with far less expense. Paints, dyes, and stains are applied to the surface to create the appearance of natural marble. Once dry,  an industrial concrete sealant is applied to provide sheen and resilience.

Stone Flooring Without the Expense

The look of cobblestone, slate, and flagstone are widely popular in lobbies and customer-centered businesses, but stones are costly, fragile and require a good bit of maintenance and resealing. Through professional stain treatments applied with brushes, rags, and sponges, concrete floors can have a natural stone look finished with resilient commercial concrete sealant.

Lavish Laminate or Ceramic Finishes

After cleaning, polishing, and repairing any blemishes, a bare concrete surface can be transformed to look just like laminate or ceramic floors. Through the implementation of specialty paints and industrial concrete coatings, business owners will never need to worry about cracks and resealing.  

A professional essentially paints the entire concrete surface with a grout-like substance and lets it cure. Lines in the designated pattern are taped off, and the chosen color is applied in coats until the desired results are achieved. After drying, the tape is removed and an industrial strength clear coat is applied to the surface.

Concrete That Looks Like Wood

Those who appreciate the warm appearance of authentic wood but are less than thrilled with maintenance and upkeep it requires to keep looking good have simpler solutions. One of the most resilient and accurate options is concrete stamping. The multi-step process involves:

  • Sanding the base concrete to a smooth finish
  • Applying a special concrete coating
  • Stamping the coating with a wood-grain pattern
  • Painting with specified wood hues
  • Applying industrial concrete sealant

These are just a few options that exist in the modern realm of concrete floor coatings and sealants. Reach out to a professional to discuss concrete coating products for your commercial flooring.