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The Ultimate Guide To Fleet Vehicles And Truck Service Bodies With Custom Features For The Needs Of Your Business

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If your business has a fleet of service vehicles that employees use to get work done, it may be time to update your fleet. When you are looking for solutions for the aluminum truck service bodies for your fleet, you want custom features that meet the specific needs of your business. The following guide will help you get the right features for the aluminum truck service bodies for vehicles in your fleet:

1. Choosing the Right Size Utility Body for The Trucks in Your Fleet and Equipment Needs

The first thing you want to consider is the type of vehicles that you are going to have in your fleet. If you do light service work, you may want to have a mid-sized truck model with aluminum service bodies. For more heavy-duty work, there are options for larger trucks and heavy-duty service bodies to use for your service fleet.

2. Adding Specialized Equipment Like Boom Lifts and Cranes to Specific Trucks in Your Fleet

There are also options to have specialized equipment installed with your truck service body. Some of these features include boom lifts and cranes. If your business does work with heavy materials like steel for metal fabrication, cranes can be integrated into the design of some of the truck service bodies in your fleet. When you need to do work that is high off the ground, a boom lift on some of the vehicles will provide the equipment you need to get more work done.

3. Additional Service Equipment and Material Storage for The Aluminum Truck Service Bodies for Your Fleet

There are also options for service equipment that can be added to the truck body. These can be solutions like bolt-on ladder racks or housings for generators and welding equipment. You can talk to the aluminum truck service body fabricator about specific equipment needs and storage solutions for the trucks in your fleet.

4. Lighting and Electrical Systems That Can Be Integrated into Aluminum Truck Service Bodies in Your Fleet

There are also options for electrical wiring and lighting for your service vehicles. You may want to have the trucks and service bodies wired for amber hazard warning lights if you need them. The truck body can also be wired for generators and AC outlets to power tools and equipment that are needed on job sites to get work done.

These are some of the custom aluminum truck body features that you will want for the specific needs of your business. If you are ready to update the vehicles in your fleet, contact an aluminum truck service body fabricator and talk to them about these features for the needs of your fleet.