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Own A Construction Company? 4 Reasons To Add Plastic Sheeting To Your Supply List

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If you own a construction company, you need to be prepared for emergencies. One way to do that is to keep a supply of plastic sheeting on hand. As a contractor, you might not think you need plastic sheeting, but that's not the case. Plastic sheeting actually holds a variety of useful purposes within the construction industry. Here are just four of the ways you can use plastic sheeting on your construction sites.

Soil Erosion

When you're working on new construction projects, you need to prepare for soil erosion. This is especially true for hillsides or sloped construction sites. Soil erosion can cause a serious problem for your project. You can plan your projects for mild weather conditions, but there's no way to prevent unexpected rainstorms. Unfortunately, rain increases the risk of erosion, especially where loose soil is concerned. That's where the plastic sheeting comes in handy. Covering the exposed soil will help to reduce the risk of erosion. 


If you're planning a construction project during inclement weather, it's important to plan for enclosures. It's not easy to work outside during heavy rain, or freezing temperatures. Plastic sheeting can help to provide a more suitable work environment for your crew. In fact, plastic sheeting can be placed over the window spaces and framed walls to provide temporary enclosures. Not only does the sheeting provide a better work environment for your workers, but it also helps to reduce foot traffic associated with trespassers. 

Moisture Control

If you have lumber stored on your construction site, you need to worry about moisture damage. When lumber is stored on the site, it's exposed to moisture, especially overnight. Unfortunately, exposure to moisture puts your lumber at risk for warping. To help avoid moisture damage, cover your lumber with plastic sheeting each night. Covering your lumber also protects it against any unexpected rainstorms that might pass through during the night. As an added benefit, plastic sheeting also helps to reduce the risk of theft. That's because the sheeting helps reduce visibility, and makes the lumber more difficult to get to. 

Equipment Protection

Finally, if you leave your equipment on the site, you need to protect it against damage and theft. One way to do that is through the use of plastic sheeting. Covering your equipment, especially your power tools, with plastic sheeting will protect them from the elements, and from prying eyes.

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