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4 Step Hydraulic Pump Inspection Guide To Determine When Repairs Are Not Enough And Its Time To Rebuild The Pump

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The hydraulic systems of your equipment are important to get work done and do the heavy lifting, which is why it is important to know how to do maintenance. Even with a good maintenance routine, the stress on pumps causes them to fail and need to be rebuilt. The following guide will help you inspect your hydraulic pump to determine if it just needs seals and minor repairs, or if it is time to rebuild it:

1. Clean the Pump, Pistons and Hydraulic System Parts to Inspect Everything for Leaks That Cause Problems

The first step in preparing your hydraulic system and pump for inspection is to clean your equipment. You want to clean the pump and all the connections to the hydraulics of your equipment. This will allow you to see any wear, damage, and leaks that need to be repaired to ensure your machinery can be operated safely.

2. Starting the Equipment and Testing the Different Functions of Your Hydraulic System

Once everything has been cleaned, you will be ready to start your equipment. Start the hydraulic systems and check all the functions and movements. If there is a problem with any of the functions, this can be due to problems with leaks or a damaged hydraulic pump that may need to be rebuilt to get your equipment working properly again.

3. Changing the Hydraulic Fluid and Looking for Signs of a Damage Pump and Parts

It is also important to change the hydraulic fluid as part of routine maintenance, and when inspecting your equipment. If you drain the fluid and it is discolored, this is a sign of a major problem with the hydraulic systems. Look for metal particles in the fluid, which could be a sign that the pump is damaged or problems with other parts.

4. Removing the Pump and Removing the Casing to Inspect It for Wear and Damage That Needs Repairs

Lastly, you will want to remove the pump to inspect it closer to see if it needs repairs or to be rebuilt. If the problem is only a seal or gasket that needs to be replaced, you may be able to repair the pump and reinstall it on your equipment. When the problems are worse and the parts inside the pump are worn or damaged, it is usually a better investment to go ahead and have the pump rebuilt.

These are some of the things that you will want to know when inspecting your hydraulic pumps and deciding when it is time to rebuild them. If you have a pump on your equipment that is failed, contact a hydraulic pump rebuild service to repair the pump and get your equipment online again.