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Top 3 Applications And Uses For Copper Press Fittings

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Copper press fittings are popular in several industries and for a variety of uses. Since a press fitting system is a faster way of making pipe connections than welding is, copper press fittings are often a reliable solution for contractors looking for a time-saving option. Not only do press fitting systems create a safer worksite by utilizing flame-free techniques, but copper press fittings are also easier to install. Some of the top applications for copper press fittings are described below.

1) Potable water systems

Copper press fittings work well with potable water systems. With a long lifespan, copper press fittings are durable and resistant to rust. Additionally, copper ions are able to overpower waterborne bacteria and dangerous pathogens. As long as the press fittings are certified as lead-free, they are preferred for many different plumbing and water projects in commercial buildings and residential homes alike. Copper press fittings help contractors place potable water systems quickly, so both hot and cold lines can be installed in half the time. Copper press fittings are also used in water systems that supply filtered drinking water to residents and other users.

2) Gas lines, compressed air systems, and heating and cooling systems

Copper press fittings are excellent for gas lines and air systems as well. Since press fitting processes can create an airtight connection for pipes fairly quickly, compressed air systems and gas lines use copper press fittings to eliminate the possibility of leaks. Copper can also withstand the high pressure associated with fuel gas piping systems, so these press fittings allow for a more versatile and durable solution than other materials. Furthermore, copper press fittings are well-suited for heating and cooling applications too. Copper is able to work sufficiently with both hot and cold temperatures, making the press fittings a good choice for most climate control needs.

3) Chemical applications

Copper press fittings are common in industrial and manufacturing facilities that frequently use heavy chemical processes. Copper holds up well against corrosive chemicals and high-temperature situations, so it is ideal for pipes that primarily carry chemicals. Unlike other alternatives, copper press fittings also have a greater capability of enduring exposure to chemicals, heat, and other elements over a long-term period of time. Press fittings tools also do not need to rely on fire to make strong pipe connections. This ensures that contractors can perform a safer pipe installation when flammable industrial chemicals are involved.  

As a safe and reliable option for creating robust pipe connections, copper press fittings provide an easy solution for a wide variety of industrial applications.

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